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Today, I wanted to make a guide to help as many sellers as possible on how to ship on depop. I have been on the app for 5 months and have shipped more than 530 packages.

five star review about fast shipping on honey beary

My name is honey beary and I’m a verified seller on depopI currently have more than 230 reviews, with a lot of them talking about how quick my shipping is!

I have watched a lot of videos on this topic when I first started, and most of them were very confusing to me! That's why today, I present to you my guide on how to ship on depop! I promise you shipping can be fast, simple, and not as expensive as you might think!

1. Packaging the item:

First off, you will need the following items: 

  • kitchen scale
  • measuring tape
  • poly mailers (plastic or recycled)
  • printer.

Take the item that you sold. Fold it nicely, and put it in your poly mailer. You can also add a thank you note but it’s optional.

Kitchen scale, measuring tape, poly mailers, printer

2. Creating and Printing the Shipping Label:

Paste address button on pirate ship

Next, you're just gonna go on your computer (trust me, don't use your phone!). Copy the buyer’s address, and paste it onto Pirate Ship.

What is Pirate ShipA better version of depop and PayPal shipping. Make an account with them, it takes about a minute. Now that you have an account paste the buyer's address into the field on top of the page. See how simple it is?

Select the type of packaging, I'm using poly mailers. Now measure and weigh your package. This order measures 10 by 6 inches and weighs 12 ounces. Click “get rates,” and there you have it! Just print the label and tape it onto the poly mailer 

Finally, you can drop off your parcel at any USPS package Dropbox location. No need to wait in line for hours, the USPS will take care of the rest!

Why is this method of shipping better than any other, you ask? Here's a chart comparing depop, PayPal, and Pirate Ship shipping prices

chart comparing depop, Paypal and Pirate Ship shipping prices

Do know that this blog post stems from my own experience, and is NOT in any way sponsored by Pirate Ship! After comparing these charts, we can see that depop shipping is more expensive and that Paypal and Pirate Ship have very similar prices except for packages over 1 lb.

Pirate ship offers business rate prices! Which are the lowest you're gonna get! But on top of that, they offer amazing prices for packages over a pound which is very convenient for depop sellers who often ship vintage sweatshirts, jeans, shoes, and bundles! If you were asking yourself how to ship on depop, this is the best way!

Priority Mail Cubic is a secret service you won't find at the Post Office, The pricing for Priority Mail Cubic is based on the dimensions of your package and not the weight. As long as your package is under 20 lbs. you won't have to worry about overpaying for shipping anymore!

3. Three Tips to Improve Your Shipping

  • First tip:

Go into Pirate Ship, go to Settings, then to General Settings, and disable the Automatic Address Correction!

Now any address that you paste into Pirate Ship will not be auto-corrected! The destination that will be printed on your shipping label will always match what the buyer entered, meaning that you will not be responsible for any addresses entered incorrectly!

  • Second tip:

Get yourself a paper cutter and a tape dispenser! It’s going to make the shipping process way faster!

Paper cutter cutting a depop label
  • Third tip:

Example of a thank you card

Write thank-you notes! It lets the buyer know that you care about them and that you will be there if there are any problems with their order! Doing so will skyrocket your 5-star reviews! You can custom print ones online or just handwrite them if you're still starting out. In all honesty this is a tip that a lot of sellers give when searching online how to ship on depop, but I believe is very important!

If you would like a more detailed blog post on how I package my orders, let me know in the comments! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them down below!

You can also check the video format of this blog post below: 

how to ship on depop (2021) ♡ depop, paypal, or pirate ship shipping? + tips and tricks. Source: honey beary


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