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Today I wanted to make a blog post on how to take pictures for depopMy name is honey beary and I'm a verified seller on depop. I started my shop about 5 months ago and have made over 580 sales!

Pictures are very important if you want to sell your items because of the way they are presented on the app. That’s why today I wanted to make a blog post on how to take pictures that are going to get you sales!

Depop is very similar to Instagram in the way that pictures are laid out. Therefore, it is very important to have eye-catching pictures if you want to sell your items!

1. Choosing the camera to take your pictures

For people to want to buy your items, they need to be able to see the pieces clearly.

Girl taking depop photosThe first thing you are going to need is a camera with good resolution. I'm currently using my iPhone 10S Max to take my pictures. A phone camera is enough to get started with taking quality photos for your shop!

Depop pictures are formatted as squares. To avoid having to crop every picture you take, you can simply take pictures on the square mode of your phone.

You are also going to need something to hold your camera. I got a tripod that came with a Bluetooth remote which are both perfect for taking Depop pictures


If you are just starting out, you don’t have to invest in such equipment yet. If you are wondering how to take pictures for depop with basic material, you can simply use your husband (which is what I did) or ask someone to help you take your pictures!

One more thing, for picture quality, the best thing would be to use the back-facing camera of your phone because the resolution is way better than the front facing camera.

I have a mirror so that I can see my screen and use the back-facing camera at the same time!

2. Choosing the perfect background for unique pictures

If you want to sell your items, your shop needs to have an identity or a theme which is going to help you stand out.


A good way to get that is by using an interesting background! You can choose a solid color background for your pictures. It’s easy to find because you can use any wall in your house or a simple backdrop to start taking pictures.

What I like to use as my background is my library. It's distinct and helps give a schoolgirl vibe to my little shop.

You can choose any background that you like, but it’s important to keep in mind that it needs to be easily accessible and give you some privacy 

For instance, when I first started, I used to take my pictures at the park. The problem was that the lighting was inconsistent outside and that it was very uncomfortable to have to change clothes in a public place!

3. It's important to have a good source of light

A very important point that you might not think about when asking yourself how to take pictures for depop is having a good source of light. It’s going to improve the quality of your pictures and make the items pop out more!

For that, you can take your pictures next to a big window in the morning where there is a good source of natural light. Don't skip this step because bad lighting can make even a good piece look bad!

Once you get a couple of sales you can then upgrade your setup and get one or two lightboxes. With them, you will be less reliant on natural light to take your depop pictures!

4. how to take pictures for depop: the process

Now that you have a good background and found a good lighting source, you can start taking pictures!

It’s important to know that you can use up to 4 pictures on depop, so use them wisely!



There are two ways you can take your pictures. You can either hang them and take pictures like that It’s a popular way to take pictures on the app and it works, but I believe that styling your pieces is the best way to sell them.

It helps people visualize how the item is going to fit and how it may look like if they were wearing it. I tried both techniques and I have been more successful styling them.

5. How to take the best pictures possible

The first picture that you're going to take is the most important one because it’s the one that is going to be displayed and seen the most!

I like to do a centered front shot of the piece. I also like to style it with a skirt or a pair of jeans and one of my coach purses


Then, I usually take a picture of the item and how it looks naturally so that people can visualize the length, fit and features of the piece.

After that, I usually take a side picture to show the back side and sleeves.

Finally, for the fourth shot, I take a picture of the tag.

Not everyone does that on depop but I believe it’s important because it shows all the important information that the buyers need. Such as the brand name, the size, and the materials.

6. How to get on Depop explore page

Getting on the front page is a good way to gain exposure on your items. To get one of your items on the front page you need to follow certain criteria as pictures are personally selected by Depop’s editorial team! Depop made a guide on that subject! You can find it in the description below!

In summary, your pictures need to be taken by yourself, which means that you can’t be using stock photos. It also needs to have a good resolution and have an accurate description!

From my experience, depop often promoted pictures that have a simple yet unique background, are modeled, and if you show your face then even better!


7. Personal Tips

  • Tip 1

When I first started, I heard a lot of people recommending editing applications to change the color of the background or improve the coloration

It can be beneficial to implement that but I wouldn't recommend it to you guys because it’s very time consuming. 

If you have to edit 4 pictures for each listing that you post, it can take a lot of your time very easily! As long as you have a good source of light, you don't need to edit your pictures!

  • Tip 2

When I first started and was looking for how to take pictures for depop online on good tip that I found is: organize your clothes before taking pictures because it’s going to make the process way faster! For example, I usually like to group button downs together I pair it with my skirt and a bralette and all I have to do is simply slide the button downs ON and OFF, so that I can take pictures of them as fast as possible!

I would also recommend taking a batch of tops together, and bottoms together as well. That was, you can have your camera set at a specific position, and won’t have to constantly adjust it for each item that you would have to take.

If you would like to read a more detailed post on how I take my pictures, let me know in the comments. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them down below!

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day! Bye!

You can also check the video format of this blog post below: 

how to take pictures for depop! ♡ tips and tricks from a verified seller to get you sales! ♡ Source: honey beary


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