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What is the meaning of y2k on depop?

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What is the meaning of y2k on depop? Y2K is short for "the year 2000." It's a fashion trend that covers clothes from the 90s to the 2000s. It consists of vintage clothes such as argyle sweaters, 90s striped sweatshirts, pleated skirts, small purses, mom jeans, graphic tops, lace crop tops, and more.

If you have been shopping on depop lately like me, you must have seen the term y2k pop quite often, but what does it mean? Here are some visual examples of y2k clothes to help you understand the meaning of y2k on depop:

1. Y2K Argyle Sweaters

Y2k blue argyle sweater
Argyle sweaters are basic when it comes to y2k fashion especially on depop! They are often paired with high-waisted blue mom jeans or with pleated mini skirts (my personal favorite). Argyle sweaters were very popular in the y2k era. They are now hard to find in fast fashion stores and are usually made with low-quality materials. If you are looking for a high-quality y2k argyle sweater, we have a section dedicated for them on the honey beary shop: argyle sweater collection.

2. Deadstock Coach Purses 6094

Y2K black coach mini purse 6094
Coach purses 6094 are essential when it comes to y2k on depop. They are extremely popular and come in a lot of different colors. They usually cost between $170 to $250. This model of mini-coach purses was made in the 2000s and is now considered deadstock. They can be easily paired with any y2k outfit and are therefore a must-have for any y2k wardrobe!

3. Y2k Striped Sweatshirts

Y2k green striped sweatshirt
Striped sweatshirts are an essential to understand the meaning of y2k on depop. They were very popular in the late 90s. If you are also a fan of the tv show Malcolm in the middle, you may have noticed how popular they used to be! They are now harder to find in a regular store, therefore if you are looking for one, your best option the second-hand market.

4. Y2k Lace Crop Top

Y2k pink lace crop top
Lace crop tops are the definition of y2k. They are perfect for the summer and are often worn with classic blue mom jeans. On depop, when people refer to y2k they usually refer to similar crop tops with animal prints, light colors (baby blue, pink), or even with designs such as little angels.

5. Y2K Black Pleated Mini Skirts

y2k black pleated mini skirt

Black skirts are my absolute favorite when it comes to the y2k aesthetic. They can be paired with almost anything and easy to accessories. When I want to dress y2k, I usually wear an argyle sweater, a black pleated skirt, a butterfly necklace, one of my coach purses, and a simple butterfly necklace!

The meaning of y2k on depop: Example of an outfit:

Keep in mind that Y2k hashtags on depop are not always accurate. Due to the popularity of this style, it's sometimes used to gain exposure on an item, or used for items that might no fit the correct criteria to be labeled as y2k.
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When people talk about y2k on depop they usually mean top with animal prints, anime graphic tops, skull tops, and striped vintage tops from the 2000s.

I hope this little post helped you to understand the meaning of y2k on depop and that you are now also a fan of this fashion! If you enjoyed this blog post, feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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